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The Siskiyou Alpaca is an element of the foundation for a new economy for the Siskiyou region, located in SW Oregon and NW California. We’re committed to growing the local economy, where People and Nature have the Right to exist in peace.

We raise suri alpacas for fiber, food and compost. As this new industry grows, we’re bringing to the marketplace five major product lines. These are:

  • • Healthy breeding livestock
  • • Fiber and fiber processing
  • • Food production and consumption
  • • Compost for local food production
  • • Contributions to Art and Industry

Each of these major product groups will provide our region with jobs and a solid, local economy. Strangely, the infrastructure that used to provide these jobs has gone missing. The US had much rural farm and manufacturing infrastructure in 1945. Dismantling it was cheap, and exploited vast quantities of short-term capital, especially land. Today, that infrastructure is largely gone. The urgent task before us is to create sustainable, modern facilities to produce and process food and fiber. It will not be cheap to put these structures back into place, but these are essential tasks facing our country today.

We see the Alpaca coming to North America as a great blessing in our time. These beautiful creatures give so generously to us in return for their care.

We feel that now, this year 2013, is the time to rebuild our country’s ability to produce fiber, food and local jobs. The "low carbon" economy is seated mainly at local and regional scales. The new economy will taste better, feel better and will help meet people's needs locally. If you’re interested in being part of this new local economy, we hope you’ll contact us. We invite you to find out how you can be part of the Good News.

Stay tuned for more good news coming soon to this website!

  • Christine Perala Gardiner, PhD
  • John L. Gardiner, PhD, PE Oregon

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John Gardiner & Christine Perala Gardiner
PO Box 2451
Cave Junction Oregon 97523


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